Monday, August 9, 2010

A Few Words on Balance...

As one who is a bona fide workaholic, my life requires forced moments of entertainment and non-work. As you can see from my recent entries, I am making time for un-work. Often these non-work activities take more energy and effort than work, so does that mean that not working for me entails work...?

This year, rather than stressing about non-work activities, I attempted to plow ahead with them and regularly schedule them into my life. I wish I could explain how hard I am working at not thinking about work while doing these activities. Someday maybe it will just come naturally. While attending the Shakespearean Festival, for example, my sister on several occasions made comments like, "Wow. You are REALLY focussed on buttering that piece of bread." I think I was trying to work through the ensuing conference deadlines in my mind at the moment. I finally told her she wasn't allowed to look at me anymore, but it did make me keenly aware of how un-fun I must seem. 

This happens to be a very busy week for me with the upcoming conference. We will be doing the media release, printing and mailing the flyers, and making the website go live this week. As luck would have it, yesterday I came down with the stomach flu. Who knows, I guess it could be an ulcer, but I am taking cues from my sick sister-in-law and assuming I caught her bug last weekend which is more likely. Even though I worked from home starting at 1:00 AM, I actually slept for four hours today, hung out with Kawi in the hammock while studying, picked up some birdseed for C (bad idea when you are sick, by the way), and am letting down my hair with a blog entry.

Eating was not very exciting to say the least, since C has determined that we should empty the fridge before we leave and since nothing looked good. I finally settled on two slices of turkey which I cooked in balsamic vinegar and turned into bacon, then cooked with the better part of a wilting red pepper. Chalk it up for two less items in the fridge! 

I do hope you are having a lovely week, and that somewhere in your own way, you are managing to balance all of your crystal balls in the air as well (while occasionally letting the rubber balls fall when they ought)!

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