Sunday, August 8, 2010

Un-Shakespearean Festival

C: Thanks for that really nice post. It's so obvious that you're apologizing to me, though.
A: And that's bad because...?

I just spent a loverly time with my family in Cedar City, Utah for the Shakespearean Festival. I only had one complaint, and it was the fact that we didn't actually see ANY Shakespearean plays while there, and I LOVE Shakespeare!

No, really, Iambic Pentameter is just so splendid and logical. I mean, you can speak in I.P. all day, and everyone will think you are just very interesting to listen to! Emphasis on the important syllables, which improves the comprehension of your words, allowing the less critical words to fall aside with less emphasis. Magnificent, I say. Also magnificent? My little sister's "Potty-face." Potty-face take 1:

Aaaand "Potty-face" take 2:
No, seriously, that is what she calls it. She's hilarious. She is also great for my self esteem because every time she sees me she says, "You just get skinnier and skinnier every time I see you!" And how is that for making a person feel great! I think I should keep her around or something... To be fair, she really looks like this:

So it was me mum's day of birth recently, and we all gathered from various and sundry locations to Cedar City at the appointed time and...ta-da! We made her queen for the day, with her princesses in waiting... And speaking of princesses, our own little princess was selected to participate in the Green Show:
I must apologize for the iPhone photos. I took my camera, but forgot my SD card... :(

Even though we did not have the pleasure of taking in any Shakespeare, we did see the world premiere of the soon-to-be Broadway musical, Great Expectations. My niece looked at the tombstone on stage and said with tears in her eyes, "I don't think I am going to like this show." Fortunately, by intermission she brightly exclaimed that this was not nearly as scary as she thought it would be. 

We also had the pleasure of seeing Pride and Prejudice which was beautifully done in every way. No, Keira Knightly does NOT do the role justice, I am sorry to say, so if you are looking for a movie version, may I kindly direct your attentions to the BBC version.

Other pleasures included a lovely birthday lunch complete with a camera war...
And other delicious food, and at times, one's eyes would exceed their ability to eat the actual proportions... 

I dare say that everyone had a fabulous time. I happened to learn that it really is possible to find something healthy for breakfast at the local Maverick:

It has been a lovely year for plays and performances. I still say that one of my favorites was To Kill A Mockingbird, which was fabulous, and Three Musketeers was tolerable. Alas, I will include my Cove Fort visit on Whose-its. Happy Birthday, Mom!

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  1. Hey Babe, was that man gonna sit on her? :)


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