Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pull Up A Chair, Let's Chat!

(Fresh from my un-published blog archives, as selected by Danielle to be published:)

Not a superficial kind of chat, but something really critical, like the fact that Sartori Parmesan Sarveccio Reserve is pretty much the best parmesan in the world, or at least the best I have ever tasted. It better be at seventeen dollars per pound. Fortunately for me and for C's pocketbook it happened to tumble into my shopping cart in a $1.00 proportion. 

I saw that little temptress walk by, smiling as I was lured in by the basket of tiny gourmet cheese chunks. Was it possible that this was HER brainchild? She looked so pleased as I found myself captivated by the rapturous titles, like Cranberry Wesley and German Butterkaese and Jalapeño Gouda. How did they know that I love jalapeños AND Gouda? It was simply bewitching, that's what it was. 

So now, of course let's talk about something even more serious. What do you do when you simply run out of onions? Do you know how hard it can be to find a store that carries Walla Wallas these days? All of these Vidalias running around trying to steal the show  with their imposter title "Sweet."  But wait! I need not fear, my GARDEN is near!

And what is better than shopping for a fresh Walla Walla plucked right out of your garden (except maybe a nice M.L.T - Mutton, Lettuce, and Tomato where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe. They're so perky...!

Which brings us to our next course of conversation: Tests. Are there any tests that are really pleasant? I mean, from medical intrusions to written exams, they are the source of grief and agony around the world.  But even those academic tests can fall into the same ilk of intrusion when you look at the question and swear up and down that this professor is playing MIND GAMES with you! When you finally escape the academic halls and those doors to the testing center close for the last time behind your, you cry FREEDOM! Only it's too soon, because no matter how far you may be from school, tests will still find you, no matter your age...

And FRESH BASIL! Did you know how delightful fresh basil tastes on almost everything? It is the manna of all herbs, I am pretty sure, but now I am getting too serious for you, I can tell. 

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  1. ha ha! SO not what i was expecting!! i've never tasted (nor heard of) your extra special parmesan ... tho the way you talk about it it seems like heaven!

    oh, and i ran out of onions tonight - aagghh! so annoying!


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