Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Spectacular Evening

Remember that great organization I worked for in college where we became leaders in the community and served others? Well, they had a benefit concert last night, and we had the honor of seeing this fellow, John Schmidt and his cellist, Steven Sharp Nelson:

I was able to see a few old friends from back in the day, and wouldn't you know that they are still doing wonderful things with their lives. Somehow we scored front row seats, so it looks like the hall is empty, but I assure you, it was full. 
The music rolled over us in spectacular waves and reverberated under our feet, and flowed right through our skin until everyone was captivated by its magical embrace. We especially had fun watching the little lad next to us who squeezed his eyes shut as tight as he could while he played his air piano just like John Schmidt, and I kept trying to capture him on a video with my iPhone, he was that cute.

My mom runs a program with the symphony that involves having part of the symphony play classical music in local schools, leaving a CD of the music behind, and having the kids DRAW the music! They then have an art show and a concert for the children and families. It's a wonderful program! Mom told John about this after the show while she gushed about his music (and had him sign her CDs) and he offered to let her use his music for the program free of charge! He'd also like to see the end product should the children draw his music!

One of the songs John compiled is included in the video below, at least the original version of the music is in the video. It went viral but they took it down because even though they had permissions to use both songs individually, apparently, they now need special permission AGAIN having combined the two, and Taylor Swift hasn't called them back yet. Dear Taylor Swift, please call!:

They have a slightly altered version for free download here: 

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