Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh Crap...

If someone could get an academy award for over-doing it, it would be me. Alas, C encouraged me to go slow, take it easy, and here I am just one week after getting my stitches out with an infected foot. I am certain that I have followed instructions faithfully, wrapping my foot every day, but there it was. I dumped hydrogen peroxide on it and gobbed on triple antibiotic cream in hopes of helping. Now if I can manage to go easy tomorrow, I may get it to mend.

I borrowed my littles this weekend. Little 2 enjoyed some stream of conciousness chatter to herself while we drove through some road construction."Those lumpy bumps of dirt look just like a bunch of lazy camel bumps. That one looks like an ELEPHANT. Dirt bumps look like camel bumps and elephants..." She is adorable.

Little 1 has begged me for over a year to teach him Alice. We did some programming a while back and made a snowman, but he took to programming like a fish to water. All of this time I had figured that it would be a huge investment of time on my part teaching him how it works. I let him run through the tutorials first and he was rip-raring to go in the first few minutes.

"When do I get to build videogames?" He asked. I explained that he needed to learn the terminology and how to put the pieces together. I explained that any good video game includes a story, so learning how to build stories at this point was the first step. He REALLY liked Alice.

When I couldn't get him to go to bed, I kindly said, "It would make me feel really bad if you couldn't play Alice tomorrow because you wouldn't go to bed tonight." That's all it took. He raced off complete with excited giggles. His enthusiasm has been good for me. It's fun to see him so excited about learning.

Well, my brain is melting into a sleepy mush, and so I am going to conform to it. Have a lovely day!

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