Monday, November 1, 2010

But Thanks for Stopping By...

I think I have a bad case of negativity. I think I have a brilliant mind, albeit a very overworked mind. It's a fascinating place. I don't really get bored there. There is always so much to keep me occupied, however, lately I have been keeping company with some rather surly characters that don't do much to brighten ones' perspective. What I really need is a good workout, and a lot of celery and raw peanut butter, only not for weight loss. Can you believe that they are marketing Jif peanut butter as a relationship building tool? Really? Whatever. I just think about all of the hydrogenated oil and sugar and scoff at the attempts to 'build relationships' out of that junk. Sorry, Jif lovers. See, told you I have some negativity going down at my place.

I was thinking tonight about Kawi. I think I was a little too harsh on him in his wee times. You know, first pet (in many years), tiny little guy, sassy and full of vinegar.  I just think I could have been a little more 'chill' is all. I was listening to him sing today and was just overwhelmed with affection for that little critter, despite all of the cuticles he has made bleed. If I was diabetic I would never need a lancet, that's for sure. I often wonder if I had been the picture of patience with him if he would be less sassy now. I will just never know. I guess it's best to mess up on a bird than on a kid, right? 

I woke this morning rip-raring to go. C had to grab me by the seat of the pants to slow me down. I limped into work at 7 AM, so tired of four days in bed, and within minutes was totally zapped. It wasn't long before I heard the magic words, "Maybe you should be home." Okay, I stopped taking the Perc Sunday morning, so you'd think I wouldn't have issues driving to work, but my reflexes weren't what they should have been. I guess if I got pulled over I could have blamed it on texting even though it was the most focused twenty minutes of driving my car has seen in the past year. 

I did work from home part of the day, but nonetheless I still managed to put in twelve hours of work. Not too shabby for a gimpy ol' girl back from the Perc train. I did push through our registration system on time, even if my counterpart was not so happy with the imperfect results. Iterate, iterate, iterate, I always say. When you are running a national event in 1/4 of the required time, you will never deliver it on time with a perfectionist mentality. Perfect never comes, so sometimes you just have to get it out of the door and make adjustments along the way... Kind of like each one of us!

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