Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eddie Ross: The Rest of the Story...

I know I already mentioned you on Whose-its, but I don't feel I really did you justice. First let me introduce myself. I am that person whose heart screams out in horror as she watches the speed home remodel reality shows toss linoleum and carpet squares around like candy.

I am the person who must shield my eyes when someone on the show gets creative and concocts a horrendous faux-pastious art glob to post on the wall. I am the person who will go for years without putting anything on my walls until I can find JUST the RIGHT thing, and then I will buy it even if it takes a couple of years to earn to money to get it.
I am the under-decorator, but the one who knows just what she likes when she sees it. I was puddling around on various blogs recently, and stumbled upon a photo of your Easter table. I was smitten. I had to see more! You are gloriously gifted and I appreciate anyone who is really good in their field. You, sir, are not just really good; you are magnificent!!
If you are terribly offended at me stealing some of your pics to show just how spectacular you are, please say so, because I will be happy to take them off. Otherwise I will leave them here so everyone else will ALSO want to see more of your amazing talent. I dare say, I can't imagine ANYONE disagreeing!

From Eddie Ross' Portfolio

As one who cringes when she sees a designer PAINT a glorious piece of wood (I LOVE wood and stone when they are done right), I can honestly say I could trust you to come into my home and work your magic and not hate you afterwards. Everything you have painted looks 100x better afterward, yea verily, I have yet to see anything you have touched that has not been significantly and drastically improved! Gush, gush, gush. I can't say enough good about your artistic precision. Oh, Swiss Watch Maker of Interior Design, thank you for restoring my faith in interior design possibilities.

With deepest admiration,



  1. OMG you are so sweet!!!! you are too kind! thank you so much! Have a great week!

  2. Thanks, Eddie! Keep up the amazing art! You are brilliant!


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