Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The World Looks Better From A Hammock

I love any day when I can sit in the hammock to blog and lurk on my favorite blogs while Kawi shows his wings to the birds that come in for a closer look at this little blond fella. He is never more happy than when he is outside talking to the other birds. He says, "Hey Bird, Whatcha doin'?" and they say, "Chwurr?" He says, "Hiiiii Buddy. Come ere, come ere!" and they say, "Chip, Chee!" There definitely is a language barrier problem here.There is something magical about the web of cotton suspended above the ground...Even the neighbor's Asian plum tree looks more spectacular framed in hammock threads.

My beloved C also loves being out and showing his wings - his Kawasaki ZX-14 wings. He is never more happy than when he is flying down the road leaning left, leaning right, and then braking hard when he catches a glint of white in the distance. Wait for it - this is C popping a wheelie on a Ducati Monster, but it's not ours (Shhhh. Don't tell!)Nope, not yet! C's Honda Super Sport that he bought at age 18...still runs!
There he is!

Of course, when I see his car sitting out front I feel a twinge of excitement that somehow he beat me home from work, and then the ensuing disappointment when I realize that today he took his motorcycle.

Tomorrow is my final exam. I went through too many packs of orange Trident to count while completing this class. Ahhhhh, and when you have been in a vice for so long, getting out feels like HEAVEN! I took a vacation from school yesterday and today. Last night C and I went to see Clash of the Titans. I understand that some have whined about this movie, how the main character wasn't young enough, blah, blah, blah, but I give it a STELLAR. Not for kiddies, that is for sure, but very well done. They weren't 100% faithful to the original story line, but I really liked where they went with it. It was fabulously done - Movie Spoiler: Medusa isn't ugly!

Today I did some improv acting in front of the department at work - 3 skits in front of about 700 people to demonstrate some principles and messages we want communicated. It was fun. The President and several other individuals were very impressed with my acting skills. It's like scribbling on a coloring page when you have painted a masterpiece. It's hard to take that kind of praise and put any weight behind it when you are thinking, RIIIIIIGHT. A few little skits. Oh well. I would have taken a pic of the audience for you, but ya know -that would be weird.

Well, welcome new follower, oh amazing mom of three who is pursuing med-school! You can do it!


  1. Hey! You rock! Thanks for the kind welcome... this is a great blog to be following! :)

  2. I have to agree with your title. That is so cool that Kawi won't just take off and you can let him out to chat with other bird friends despite that language barrier.

  3. Kara - Thanks! I look forward to seeing how your plans develop - it's so good to see your determination! Just SO - we keep his wings clipped, but even so, he is a very strong flier. The one thing that we have in our favor is that he is part cockatiel, and part CHICKEN. He is a big baby and screams for us every time he get scared. Those big magpies terrify him!


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