Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Visit to the International Market

Today I visited the International Market.
and saw a very old BMW.
Now, who wouldn't want to buy Dinkelchen?
Or chocolate filled croissants?
I do have a weakness for chocolate and orange, and apparently... seems to be a popular combination of flavors.
Now, this one is a REAL weakness, all kidding aside: Macaroons (with bittersweet chocolate!)
But this is the REAL reason I went there in the first place, here she is: Pizzelles! (Dear Santa, someday I hope to get a pizzelle iron.)
These aren't the same as pizzelles, so don't bother,
and neither are these.
Lady Fingers are the one treat that my brother still craves from living in France.
Interesting brand name, don't you think?
My most beloved dessert is the Crème brûlée.And then there are all of these very unique things at the International Market, like Bog Frogs...

Meatball bubblegum...
Bacon Mints...
And did you know you can fit an entire carbonated soda into a single piece of candy?
Gummy bacon... this is either very popular (since there aren't many there) or very unpopular, so they only order these two at a time.
To add to the gummy bacon, just squeeze this chicken and get some candy eggs! True physiological production, here folks!
Remember these? I think a babysitter once bought these for me. They tasted SOOOO good! I just couldn't figure out why my mom got so mad when her six year old daughter wanted more. They don't sell these in normal stores anymore, for obvious reasons... "Hey kids, get hooked on cigs before you are old enough to think for yourselves!" - Ya know...
Now, it might be me, but the name on this candy didn't make me think of squishy lemon candy. The first thing that came to mind was barbed wire and smoke stacks, although I'm not sure why...
Now don't these brightly wrapped chocolate candies look appealing?

Calling all Ketchup lovers! Now you can have it YOUR way - Dr. Pepper flavored, 7-up flavored, curry flavored, and BLEEEP! er, donkey flavored!
BBQ lovers, don't despair, you can get your Dr. Pepper, too, with A&W for the kids!
Okay, now for the products that I really use: Hoisin sauce - toss that on some chicken - yum!
Mint and tamarind chutney are like butter, especially when served up with fresh nan bread!
If I was rich, I would buy TyNant water just so I could have the pretty cobalt blue bottles to match my cobalt blue dishes. Who knew that the water is ALSO served in gold...
...And RUBY glass bottles! At 3-5 buckeroos a pop, that water must taste spectacular! :D

The first time I had Lingonberry jam was served on a Greek dish prepared by my step brother. It was a meat dish spiraled with pastry, then sliced and served with this jam. I still crave it!
Roses are red, violets are blue, even when chewing them all the day through.
Finally, can't find your favorite flavor of Altoids? Never fear, every flavor is here!

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  1. WHERE? Where or where is this!?! I MUST visit. I HAVE to have some of that Gummy Bacon and Bacon mints.

    email me. seriously. email me. (It's in my profile.)


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