Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tiddley Tidy Toe

Mom bought me crystal cake stand for Christmas. C, a true minimalist, eyed it with suspicious eyes, envisioning a space-taker-upper. We had a youth activity at our home last month, and it was the centerpiece for three lovely meals:
A lovely plate of cheeses served with baguettes and fruit in the evening, a sparkling breakfast platter to hold warm whole wheat crepes, and finally, a fancy presentation for croissants served with a light chicken salad and fresh berries for lunch.

Since that activity, the dish has graced the countertop. Yesterday C made an announcement: "I think that if this cake dish is going to stay on the counter that there should at least be a cake in it! Or SOMETHING!"
After submitting a programming assignment late last night, I pulled out my speed-method pumpkin choco-chip cookies (1 package spice cake, 1 large can of pumpkin, and choco-chips, bake for 20 mins at 400*) and VOILA! SOMETHING!

Friday night C mowed the lawn for the first time this season, and I took the time to remove the winter wrappings of matted rotting plant life from my flower bed. The beauty of a well-planned flower bed is that after a quick trim, and it is ready to go year after year. Minus a couple of colorful perennials, all of the cast members are lined up and ready for the show.

C peeked in the blue spruce to see if there were any blue robin's eggs this year...
...but instead he discovered a single dove egg in a nest situated right next to last year's robin's nest.

Aside from a whole lot of studying, that was our weekend. I did teach a lesson today on the 10 plagues of Egypt. I found pictures of all of the items, but I won't post them here. Do you know how hard it is to find a photo of a boil that won't make people physically ill? Really! It was reasonably easy to find the rest (blood, flies, lice, hail, darkness, frogs, a tombstone, a sick cow, and locusts). I think it went well.

Now for a little programming talk: may I just say that there is no sweeter feeling than writing a complex program with an unfamiliar algorithm (recipe for a computer program) and having it compile on the first attempt! Usually you get a nice long list of errors and then!!! THEN!!! THEN you spend the next three hours pulling out every hair on your head trying to figure out why it won't run!!! Well, I have one more week to finish two more assignments and study for the final exam, and do you know how busy my work week is? ARGH. Well, I won't torture you with the details, but all I have to say is this:

Dear C,

First let me confess that I forgot to hit the repeat button on the CD player before I went to work on Friday. Kawi sat in the house in complete silence and listened to every creak and groan of the house and freaked out so bad that when I got home he didn't even call out for me. Not when I opened the garage door, not when I walked up the stairs, and not when I called out for HIM as I walked down the hall. Poor little guy. I then took him on a drive to the post office, and he was still freaked out. I have scarred him for life!

But what I really wanted to say is this: Thank you for being my bestest buddy. Thank you for encouraging me to study when I don't feel like it. Thank you for folding laundry, and sweeping the floor, and doing the dishes more than once, and for cleaning the kitchen this weekend to make me feel sane. Thank you for washing the darks, because I really meant to. Thank you for cleaning my car, and for mowing the lawn. Thank you for being such a good guy and going to your VERY early church meetings without so much as a gripe. Thank you for forgiving me when I am stressed and grumpy. Thank you for eating my hasty meals this week, and acting like it is the best food in the world. Thank you for telling me I looked cute today at church, and for telling me I did a great job on my lesson. Thank you for being my cheerleader with my crazy dreams and intriguing job opportunities. Thank you for stepping outside of your comfort zone and having those skin-crawling conversations. Thank you for holding me close and for kissing me in the library at church today when we went to put the TV away. Thank you for asking my opinion, even if I act like I don't really have time for it, because it makes me feel good that you care what I think. Thank you for being the budget Nazi, because you are doing such a great job with the accounts. I am so proud of you. Thank you for going to work every day, and for being that man who would work at McDonalds or anywhere else if you were ever to lose your job. It makes me feel safe to know that you are not above an honest day's work, no matter what that entails, my Burrito Boy. Thank you for being such an amazing leader at work, and for caring about people and wanting them to be their best and be safe. Thank you for choosing me, because I can't imagine anyone more perfect in this world for me than YOU!

Eternally in love and eternally yours,

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