Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Winter Blossoms

Yesterday it snowed, only it wasn't a nice clean snow. It was a "scrub-the-sky-of-smog" snow. Just like in Dr. Seuss, all of that muck has to go somewhere. This time it left little dusty trails across my window, but look at that glorious mountain ablaze with the morning sunlight!

My Christmas Cactus, barren for years, has welcomed the invitation from the REAL sunshine (as opposed to the fluorescent kind) and has come out to join the party.

Glorious, glorious hyacinth! I drink you in like the sweetest nectar and can never drink my fill!

And sweet spring tulips, draw your petals close around to fend off the bitter winds, until you may open them wide in the sunlight!

Daffodils, your tiny halos of sunshine peeking out to boldly face the bitter shift from winter to spring, your courageous endeavors so often overlooked for your scanty fragrance.

Welcome, welcome winter blossoms, harolding in the pathway to spring!

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