Tuesday, June 15, 2010

C Has Informed Me...

...that I may have ventured past my normal incoherent poetic levels into the VERY realm, therefore, in an attempt to leave no lurker behind, a peace offering or interpretation is included below:

There really is a happy place where friend are friends even if they just met, and everyone is included and important. It's a beautiful place and everyone knows that she (or he) belongs.Sometimes even when life is difficult, there are beautiful things all around you, and hope is like the sun that keeps shining even when it rains. It's that hope that gives life to discouraged hearts and keeps us going. Sometimes our Father in Heaven wants to let us know how much he loves us and if we look hard enough, we just might hear the message he is attempting to send to us. (Seraphim - plural for angel or heavenly being)

All around us are these amazing people who choose to do more than look good or achieve great goals. There are those who really try to make the world a more beautiful place, unselfishly, with good and kind hearts. They are like instruments of God because they go about doing good.
Sometimes we think that life is challenging, but it is those challenges that make our lives even more beautiful if we allow them to and don't become angry, bitter people from the trials we face. Indeed, it is those who have truly traveled the bleak paths of life who are the most cheerful and kind! These are the ones who somehow forget themselves and reach out to others, lifting and loving with a capacity that is sometimes difficult to comprehend! These are the ones who open blind eyes to see beauty again and who make the world a better place one person at a time. Their lives are so full of light that it's impossible not to be touched by their magic and wonder, and no matter how short a time we spend with them, their influence never seems to fade in our lives. Tribulation does not seek out one specific type of person, it is a shared anomaly no matter how individual those trials are, and yet the influence of our creator never ceases, as he reaches out to us.

It sounds like a magical place, like Brigadoon or Shangri-La from the book Lost Horizon's by Hilton. It sounds mythical and unreal, and there is a tendency to believe that such a wonderful place doesn't really exist.
It really isn't far at all. We don't need to travel someplace else to find it, or go on a long journey to find this beautiful world. It's here, it's now. You only need look past the darkness and misery of this world and you will see them, all around you. They are like lights in the dark, quietly sharing their light with all who will receive it. They are people like so many of you and others that I can't possibly name them all, nor how each one of you has brought rays of light to my life through your beautiful, magical lives. You are like a treasure of beauty and wonder.

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