Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Magnanimous Salutations of the Most Noble Kind

Last week we crossed paths with one of the finest men I have ever met. If you have ever read about the grand feasts and generous acts of service of great kings of old who honored their soldiers and guests, truly, this was a king matched in generosity and kindness. This magnificent man of faith opened his home to us, a group of strangers, and welcomed us with open arms. Our group was only thirty in number, and earlier that day, he had fed five hundred. The following day he would feed hundreds more.
His wife bustled about pleasantly, serving, and refusing any assistance, generously asking if we cared for more of the delectable Hmong cuisine. They fed us, body and soul.
His farm was filled with young fruit trees of every kind, and occupied by turkeys, sheep, and flocks of jungle fowl of every age, and an incubator ready to hatch a hundred more. The pleasant smiles in the golden sunlight made this place seem like a home we had always known, and these noble hosts infused in our souls the majesty and stateliness of humankind.

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