Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It Starts in Your Toes...

There are so many happy little moments I wish I could share with you! There are those great moments when I say to C, "Oh, I SO wish I could BLOG that!" Well, alas, here is one that I may share that gives you a glimpse into this happy little life of quirky, funny events. Every morning we pray before we leave for work. C walked into the bedroom where I was putting the last touches on my mascara. "Okay, I think I am ready to go." He said, which translated means, I am ready to pray.

I walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where he wrapped his arms around me. Suddenly he started making the strangest undulations that ultimately ended in a kiss. I started laughing, and tried to imitate the move, also ending in a kiss. "No, no, it starts in your toes, like this..." He started moving his feet, and then his knees, as if he were hula-hooping. "And then it moves up into your hips, and then your waist, now your shoulders..." All the while, he was hula-hooping each part mentioned, ending with his head flopping around something ridiculously funny, and ended with a kiss. We were both laughing to tears.

Yesterday was a maddeningly busy 12 hour day for me. I had to finish a proposal for the new Technology Conference I am working on, and at 7:00 PM I finally sent it off. Throughout the day I got cute messages from C, looking for a new pair of glasses, looking for presents for his grandfather and father for Father's day, and wondering, should he buy this? And what about that?

Last night he purchased boxes and bubble wrap and prepared his gifts for mailing. It was the cutest ever. "And I did it all without a reminder!" He said when he was finished. Cutest guy ever, you see? Well, I am sure he will appreciate it if I stop here, but thanks for letting me share. Please feel free to share your own happy little moments below, you know, those things that make you think, this is what life is all about... I would love to read them!

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