Friday, June 25, 2010

Shhhh... A Little Secret...Psst. Follow me!

A private invitation is extended here to the fine readers of this blog. I invite you to one of my hidden blogs, and aside from the link included here, you will not otherwise find it. You are invited to take a sneak-peek at several never before seen books that have been sitting quietly in my personal archives.

These are not the complete works, nor does this reflect the complete collection of books I have been working on. I do need your help. I have only ever written for my own interests and I would like to know which (if any) of these book snippets would interest you enough to make you want to read more. Included are a few children's books, some works of fiction, and some non-fiction. The earlier untitled posts are in reverse order, so you will want to read #454 Ch1, P1 before #454 Ch1, P2. More may follow...

Honest opinions are highly valued. Think American Idol - it doesn't help anyone to have a bad vocalist hear, "No, really, you're a good singer!" so that they keep inflicting their voice on innocent bystanders. If a book is not interesting or engaging, it will be helpful to let it die. If the concept is interesting, but the approach is not, please indicate this as well. These are only small portions of each book, and they are un-edited. Oh, and if you happen to know a friend who could also give valuable feedback, please invite them also. Welcome to a peek through the keyhole of my world!

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