Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Magical World

There is a place where people smile and laugh together like friends of old despite their dewy acquaintance. Each citizen knows that she brings a beautiful gift to share with all, and that her gift is equal to all the rest. Here one will find peace and beauty, sun kissed sands and misty mountains, where it rains right through the sunshine so that every drop is a golden coin, softly breathing life into all that come in contact with its glittered touch. The birds are full of life and cheer and the recipients of their messages receive what they have to say like seraphim sent from heaven.

Surrounded by a society of graceful beings who are creators of beauty and grace, infusing life into everything they touch, as if they were instruments in the hand of God himself,
living life with vibrant energy and sweetness; that sweetness is sweetest when mixed with the bitter cocoa of adversity. Here watchful eyes reach out to lift drooping hearts, and minds are alive with wonder and awe, each day capturing a new sprite of magic, only to set it free again. Wispy winds toss about curls of gold and ebony and chestnut and rose, while the sun kisses blushing cheeks.

There it rises from the mountained veil, like Brigadoon's centennial sojourn, or Hilton's Shangri-La, a place of peace amidst the din, so near and yet so far.
Were we to open up our eyes, this place is vincinal. You need not traipse the mountain path, nor endure the prolonged epoch to gain access to this concurring Utopia. You need but look beyond the crepuscule and into the brilliant realm within to view the coffers of virtue and honor hidden betwixt the towering duo of calamity and grief.

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