Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are the Birds Dead or Something?

First, Kawi survived his vet appointment. Penny was quite sweet and let the vet check her without much ado, minus a few escape jumps back to me. Kawi was a different story. After a rigorous struggle complete with heart-wrenching cries, the vet checked his wings, felt his breastbone, weighed him, inspected his beak, eyes, nose, then handed him back to me and said, "Well he's kind of dramatic." Indeed.
We were thinking of having the vet bird-sit them while on vacation, but somewhere between the institutional room, distressed cockatiel sitting on the floor, and $600 worth of required medical tests, I had a change of heart. Also, my request for the birds to be taken out of their cages for at least an hour a day was met with some waffling, followed by a rather insincere yes.

On second thought, I think we'd come home to two very distressed birds and a much lighter pocketbook.

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