Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Buy Me Some Peanuts and CrackerJacks..."


Tonight we picked up a little baseball. Once again, my favorite "salesperson" hooked us up with front row seats, allowing me to keep my feet up for the whole game. My seat buddy was a seven year old girl who fell in love with my embellished pink flip-flops and commented on them several times throughout the evening. It was refreshing to have someone fixate on my shoes rather than the water retention in my feet and ankles.


I picked up a little ice cream. The cone was big enough to catch the attention of a passing baseball player on the field, captured in this shot. It also caught the attention of the seven year old AND the woman sitting next to us who put her foot in her husband's beer.


On the way home, the moon was gorgeous, and I managed to pick up this shot with my little Canon PowerShot. Not too shabby for a point-and-shoot camera with no tripod, no?

As we approached home, we pulled up next to a little red car, maybe a Yaris? Our windows were down, taking in the perfect evening air, and so were his. "I think I can take him. No, I KNOW I can take him!" C said.

I giggled, and then shouted loud enough for the other driver to hear, "He thinks he can take you!" The little red engine revved and the driver took his racing stance. The light turned green and...

Have you ever heard a four year old mimic a race car? That little red sounded JUST like that! Rasperries and all! I almost laughed, but of course, we let him win.

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