Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

If you haven't had a good laugh today:

I had a visit from my dad yesterday, who introduced me to Kid History and helped advise us on a household repair. We have been knocking out a few home projects lately. We finally installed our third car pad outside (previously gravel) and we are looking a little more civilized. The repair was a leaky pipe. I can't imagine trying to tackle larger water damage restoration projects. C was quite the handyman and knocked it out right away.

We also replaced our shower head on Saturday. I am not a big fan of hoses in a shower, but when you think about trying to bathe two babies at the same time, you are willing to compromise. The new shower head looks like an old fashioned microphone. I am sure someone will find a use for it in their shower serenades.

In the next 12 weeks we are also planning on remodeling our Master Bath. I am excited about this one, but not nearly as excited as I am about the ultrasound day after tomorrow! Good thing I am on a business trip or I'd be going stir crazy.

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  1. What in the world? I've never heard of kid history before, but that was funny...and slightly disturbing! Haha!

    Hi, Recursively's Dad! *waves*

    I can just imagine the bathtub serenades, now. Have fun! :-)


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