Friday, August 5, 2011

Speaking of Being Content...

Last night I woke at 3AM. I was overheating in my well-insulated shell. I downed four full glasses of water before I started to cool down, and by then I was very awake. Once awake, I have learned that I might as well do something more productive than count the minutes on my clock in bed. Sometimes I write in a journal (real paper ones), or read something interesting. This time I blogged.

At long last my eyelids grew heavy. I had been sitting in a cool part of the house, and my feet were cold just like I like them. I snuggled back in bed with my Boppa pillow and my bestest buddy, and started to drift off to sleep. Baby B had other ideas. Now was a perfect time to kick-kick-kick-kick... Soon Baby A was awake, too, and decided that kicking sounded like a fine idea. I rolled onto a different side, but on they went. I was so tired that I finally fell asleep in spite of my kick-boxing babies.

Not long after I fell asleep I woke with a terrible jolt of pain. It felt as though some fierce beast was gnawing at my right calf. I had forgotten to take my prenatals for the first time in forever, and those babies decided that they would suck every ounce of potassium right out of me. Where are bananas when I need one? C helped massage the Charlie horse until I could fall back to sleep.

Despite my restless night, I had a reasonably productive work day today. Instead of a thrilling evening out on the town, I am opting for a recovery nap. I might as well enjoy them while they last... Alas, I am content.

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