Monday, August 15, 2011

My Best Friend

Last night I looked through the dim light at the peaceful face beside me. I thought about all of his kindness, generosity, willingness to serve, and goodness. I wondered how in this great world I managed to find such an amazing friend, companion, and father-to-be?

This weekend was our twelfth anniversary. Being pregnant on an anniversary has its limitations, but that didn't stop C from being an absolute knight in shining armor for me. We went to a movie on Saturday night, and noticing that I was shifting around from a sore back, he put his arm behind my back, alleviating the pain entirely. I won't share all of the kind things he did, but here are a few:

He asked around about the perfect anniversary gift for a pregnant lady, and was told that a glider rocker was the ultimate. Knowing that I am not your average lady, C first asked if a glider interested me. I am afraid that the look on my face gave away my true feelings. Glider rockers have no sustainable use and wind up as yard sale fodder once children reach toddler age. My solution: Get the perfect football recliner that fits a twin nursing pillow for the first couple of years, and continues its use for years to come.

After a busy day yesterday, I sat in my new rocker/recliner with my feet up, and was served milk and fresh baked oatmeal cookies by my sweetheart.

C splurged on this bit of bling for his wife who has expanded beyond her size 5 real wedding ring. It came in just under $15.00 rather than the 15K that something like this COULD cost. We bought it big, knowing that my puffy fingers still have a way to go.

Tonight's events involve 3rd row tickets to Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, my surprise gift to C. There may still be something up my sleeve, but shhhh, don't tell. Finally, C was serious when he offered a trip to Seattle on my "Searching for Seattle" post, so we will be heading to cooler and more humid places, a foodie's fantasy. I look forward to temperatures in the 60s and 70s, sleeping without a humidifier, and spending some alone time with my eternal buddy.

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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, you two! Can't wait to find out your surprise for C and hear all about your awesome Seattle trip. :-)


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