Thursday, August 18, 2011

It Happens Every Day...

Every day women get pregnant, but then there are those that want it more than anything, and it doesn't come. What comes instead is a reminder, painful and unwelcome, that shouts the news that pregnancy is still far from a reality. It aches like an echo in the soul that reverberates off of the empty walls of the heart, left unfurnished, unfulfilled by that tiny being that relies completely upon you for survival.

It is that life I have known that makes any ache or discomfort now seem a rich blessing, because I can't forget that many, so many, would give anything to be right where I am today. How ungrateful I would be to forget my fellow sisters who continue the fight to shepherd a tiny soul, to be the source of life for another being, and to know that it may come with great sacrifice. It is this recognition that makes every moment precious and worthwhile. My sisters, I pray for you as you battle the tide of the unknown. May your journey lead you to your heart's desire!

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