Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Arborist

I have been troubled. The bark has fallen off of some of the trees, and my favorite old fashioned red delicious lost a trunk to deadwood. I thought they had some fungus, some terrible, incurable thing that would spread to our new peach, plum, cherry, and apple trees. I visited a nursery for help. As a last resort, the woman suggested I could hire an Arborist. 
Once upon a time, before becoming a Technogeekologist, I wanted to become a Botanist, so I have great respect for this often unappreciated ilk of the professional world. He showed up on Monday, looking all Arboristy in his straw hat and sun-shiny smile. He gushed over my fruitful yet feeble-looking pear that has defied all odds, and I looked on like a proud adopted parent. He pulled out his virtual stethoscope and told me that our rather aggressive apple pruning has been the cause of not enough canopy for our old chaps, and has caused blistering on the bark from the sun, which made my heart break. He showed me how to prune my baby Braeburn to help him grow up big and strong, and praised me for planting my new baby peaches at the correct level.

It was the best money I have spent on our yard since buying this place. Not only did he point out how to lengthen the lifespan of our 75 year old trees, but he also recommended some plants and trees, suggestions for flowerbeds, how to properly treat for our aphids (the nursery recommended stuff for the fruit trees that would poison the fruit????!!!!).

It was thrilling, and shook the very core of my nerdness. I followed him around, writing down every word he said, and eating it up like candy... 

C was not so enthusastic.

"Do you want to join me?" I asked.

"No. Work. More work. That's all he will tell us." Well, not all of us love Arborists, but after the fact, he really was very interested. "Did you write that down? What else did he tell you?"

One of the best things I learned is that our pruners could be spreading disease to our trees. He answered any and all questions about our 22 trees, flowerbeds, roses, and best grafting practices for an hour and a half.

I have a final exam tonight for the 8 week class that I finished in a week and a half, but I have this one buttoned up. I am acing it. As for the TV program, still no word, but it's only mid-week. The programming company could get back with me before the end of the week still. Speaking of reality programming, have you seen Dual Survival? So captivating! Not for little kids because yes, they do kill animals and eat them, but what GREAT components for intriguing and engaging programming! Not TOO dramatic, but you have one guy who is a military survivalist, and the OTHER guy is this hippie who wears no shoes, even in arctic climates. Wow. It's just awesome to see these two work together in survival situations. Check it out!

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