Monday, July 12, 2010

A Few Words on Awesomeness...

Today C found a baby dove lying in the grass near one of the windows at work. He picked it up to see if it was alive, and it had died, probably from flying into the window. He walked inside to find a shovel, and then buried the little dove under the trees at work. Although he probably didn't even consider it, I am sure there were a few eyes watching their company director bury this little unfortunate creature.

My brother Ben graduated from High School at age 22, having served on Student Counsel. On the night of his graduation, he told me how excited he was to go back the next year. I had to explain to him that he couldn't go back. Ben is mentally disabled. His birthday is on Thursday, and those few kids from school who are coming to his birthday party five years later will never know how much they mean to a big sister who is so grateful for the love they continue to show for him.

Tonight C took me out for dinner after work. He stopped at the store to pick doughnuts for work, and then danced with me in the driveway when he came home. 

And finally, at the risk of looking unsanitary, I share with you Kawi's newest nesting place. My nurse grandma turned in her grave when this happened no doubt, considering a hairbrush left on the kitchen counter was cause for extreme shock and a race for disinfectant. I guess C has noticed some of her "need for clean" in me. After seeing these photos, I returned home to find that the dishes which Kawi had occupied were removed and washed, as was the birdseed that was provided for his comfort and enjoyment while he freely explored his fascination with my cobalt blue dishes...

Dinner, anyone?

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