Friday, July 2, 2010

YOU Asked for it!

No, you really did. Several of you. It was something like, hey, make sure you keep me updated on that really cool secret you revealed! You did. I won't name names, but I'm just sayin'. Well, here it is, the update...but first, a word from our sponsor, How To Know When You Think You Are Being Helpful But You Really Aren't. 

Scenario #1: 
I was eighteen years old and mowing our lawn. I noticed that a little Dutch couple down the street had  reasonably long grass. Normally one of their sons would come to mow it for them, but it just got longer, and longer, and longer...

It was a hot day. I thought, I could just wander over and mow that lawn and be all neighborly and nice! I didn't know if they were home, and was pretty sure they weren't. I could just surprise them, and when they arrived home to a newly mowed lawn, they'd have no idea who did it! I started on one corner of the lawn and cut across to the other side. I was just making my second turn when the woman ran out with arms flailing, shouting some expletives and insisting that I stop. I was undoubtedly shocked. Perhaps she thought I was going to charge her money for it.

"I, uh, I'm just trying to be nice...I wasn't going to try to charge you money or anything..." The sad part is, I don't remember what happened next. I don't remember if I finished mowing, or if I went back home with tail tucked. I just remember how I felt, which was, "Gosh, I was only trying to help."

Scenario #2: 
Today I stopped at a store to look at earrings. A woman approached me and asked for advice on her clothing and jewelry selection, a belted green sleeveless shirt and a rainbow colored necklace. She was going to a reunion tonight and wanted something cute to wear. Long story short, I made some jewelry suggestions which she liked, and then she mumbled something about how if her daughter was there, she would have told her how she really felt. I thought I would go the extra mile and try a little harder to help. 

We started our hunt for an outfit and mustered up a few things that might work. She would try something on, and ask for a different size of something and then asked if I'd find a little bolo jacket. I left to find the jacked, and when I returned she was gone. I looked toward the door and saw her little blonde head retreating out of the store. {Sigh} While I was just as shocked at her sudden lack of of enthusiasm for my help, I must confess, it was a little easier to take than flailing arms and expletives. Alas, sometimes you just never know the price you'll pay for "helping," but I'll still keep trying just the same.

And now, the news: The production company e-mailed me today. They are meeting with the network next week, so things are moving along. I made some recommendations that they consider a documentary on the non-profit organization with which I work, so I will be pleased either way. You've been JUST SO eager for an update, and now you know!

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