Friday, July 9, 2010


Today Kawi made a new noise. Like most instances when he makes a new noise or says a new word, it takes me a minute to figure it out. He doesn't always learn the words you want him to learn. Nay, he picks up what HE wants to say. Sometimes it's rather unexpected. One day while pushing buttons on the microwave, he started going, "Eeep. Eeep, Eeep, Eeep." One morning while C was brushing his teeth, Kawi started gagging, mimicking C. One day while encouraging Kawi to take a drink, he said, "Slurp, slurp. Take a drink!"

He learned how to cough one winter, and when allergy season rolled around, he learned how to sneeze. The noise he made today is the same noise that lets him know when C is home. In fact, if he happens to hear that particular noise, he starts screaming C's name. Apparently this noise has interested him enough that he has decided it is worthy of repeating. {Sigh.} Let's just hope he doesn't get TOO good at it. Unfortunately, I didn't catch it on video this time, but here is a fun little vid of his jabbering anyway.

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