Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Crags and Crevices

Somewhere in the heart of the strongest mountain is a living pool of water that flows like the lifeblood of stone. It travels here and there, hidden from human eye, until at last, a break, a sliver of stone is thrown like a rock stopper from its home to release the water into a magnificent waterfall that breaks forth in glory. And while we may stand in awe at the mountain, it is the fountain which beckons our footfalls. It's a place that in all of that strength of stone reaches out to us, welcomes us, and makes us want to linger in its mist, this broken place, this bleeding heart.

And while we look up to the strong and the stable in this world, it is those who allow beauty to flow forth from their troubles and trials that draw us near, like welcoming arms, and refreshing waves of kindness. Did they ever know that it was the breaking of their heart that would make them so? Is it possible that in the moment of their own agony, they felt so broken, so incapable of greatness? And yet as they meekly bled through those trials, wonderful things took place, building a personal sanctuary from their lives.

It was a rough day today.

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