Friday, July 16, 2010

How Do I Even Begin To Explain?

How do I even begin to explain what life looks like through my eyes?  
How do I explain the sweet bliss of my toes taking in the summer evening air while a tiny bird hops excitedly around me?

How do I explain the pure sweet taste of fresh garden peas on my tongue...
Or the perfection of home grown Walla Walla Onions?
How do I explain what it's like to grow broccoli for the first time, and finally discover just where in all of those cabbagy leaves that baby broccoli appears?
How do I explain my excitement about my very first eggplant sprout, drooping from its pale green stem?
How do I make someone understand how thrilled I am to grow my very first fennel, eager to see just what a garden grown fennel bulb looks like?
How do I explain the bliss at seeing the first cherries come on...
...looking better than any cherries I've bought at the store!
How do I justify the long moments of staring at a sliver of summer moon as the sun wanders off to bed?
How do I help someone understand how my imagination runs through a menagerie of new recipes every time I look at my herb pot growing more lovely each day?
How do I explain the satisfaction of finally being able to visually tell the difference between the round young Antique Jonathans... 
...and the heart-shaped Old Fashioned Red Delicious?
How do I explain the joy of buzzing around the neighborhood for the first time on a rattle-trap mini-bike while neighbors smile and wave?
How do I share with someone the delight of finding that a wasp thought that tiny black spot I painted on a two-inch high birdhouse really was a front door, and chewed his way inside?
How do I explain how all of those computer science books have opened up my mind to see the world in an entirely different light?
How do I explain the immense beauty of reading German poetry to someone who has only ever heard the German language shouted angrily in a war movie? 
How do I explain the little tickle in my heart every time I see my little bird instinctively care for the two round beads that dropped in the bottom of his cage?
How do I help someone understand how welcoming even a hastily made bed is after a long hard day?
How do I explain the soothing nature of freshly vacuumed floors in an otherwise chaotic day?
Life is beautiful all around me and it just keeps pouring more little pleasures into my daily measure of bliss, candy-coating the troubles and trials into a hearty feast of fascination. 

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